Major car makers are chasing a purported €300-billion pot of autonomous gold, the predicted level of cash to be made from autonomous car services by 2030.

I’m not a Luddite. I would not have been among the angry mob throwing their wooden shoes (known as sabos, hence saboteurs) into the workings of weavi(...)

US threat of a 25 per cent tariff on European-produced cars is the biggest worry for the continent’s carmakers in 2019. PHotograph: Markus Schreiber/AP Photo

Volkswagen chief executive Herbert Diess has warned import tariffs from the US could cost the German carmaker billions of euro each year. Mr Diess sa(...)

The VW passenger car brand already sells electric versions of its Golf and Up models, but in 2019 it will begin to sell a new line of “ID” cars (above),  a concept that have been designed to be electric from the ground up

New emission targets from the EU will be so difficult to meet that Volkswagen, the world’s largest maker of cars, said its €30 billion effort to roll (...)

Across 4,850 cars put through the measurement system, all diesel-engined cars exceeded the current NOx limits in real-world conditions.

Since the public first found out about the diesel emissions scandal, car makers across the world have been trying to convince us that diesel engines t(...)

Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe is welcomed by Belgian counterpart Charles Michel ahead of a meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Photograph: Reuters

The EU has signed a long-awaited, landmark trade agreement with Japan phasing out current high tariffs on the dairy and beef sectors among others. Ja(...)

Elon Musk demonstrates the falcon wing doors on the Tesla Model X Crossover. Musk warned the Danish government  electric car sales would be hit when it dropped tax breaks. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The electric car has dropped out of favour in the country that pioneered renewable energy. Sales in Denmark of Electrically Chargeable Vehicles (ECV)(...)

Volkswagen accounted for 22.9 per cent of Europe’s auto sales in September compared with 23.3 per cent a year earlier. Photograph: iStock

Volkswagen has lost market share in Europe for the thirteenth consecutive month since the emissions scandal erupted in September 2015, as competitors (...)

Dublin’s Iseq tracked the global sell-off and  Ryanair finished the day down 2 per cent at €14.40

European stocks fell to a one-year low as concerns about global growth intensified amid disappointing US data and another precipitous slide in oil pr(...)

Nearly all manufacturers sold more cars in September compared with the same month last year

Strong demand for German cars helped lift European sales in September, industry data showed on Friday, contributing to the 25th consecutive month of g(...)

The Nissan Leaf at a recharging station: the car will be available to buyers in France for €14,390 from April as a result of a new swappage scheme

Europe’s appetite for electrically powered cars surged by 37 per cent last year, but still made up just more than half a per cent of the continent’s n(...)

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