Three out of five children and young people (60 per cent) said they are worried about Covid-19 when they think of returning to school. Photograph: iStock

More than a fifth of parents with children in post-primary schools said they would prefer if their child was not returning to school in order to reduc(...)

At this time, the issues potentially facing all families are the same, but the level it affects them depends on their circumstances

The metaphorical village it takes to raise a child has been boarded up during this phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Those normal interactions with teac(...)

Barnardos is working with 1,580 families who require critical and intensive support. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/THE IRISH TIMES

Barnardos has issued an urgent appeal to the public for donations to help it reach children and families during the Covid-19 crisis. The children’s (...)

 Protestors at Number 34 North Frederick Street protesting against a court injunction directing the occupants of the house to leave. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

The number of homeless children has more than doubled in some parts of the country in the past year and continues to increase across the State, the la(...)

Children enjoy the kids’ club at The Johnstown Estate. Photograph: Julien Behal

The Easter holidays are just ahead and there are plenty of ways to entertain the children in your life over the next two weeks. Here is a selection of(...)

Róisín Shortall (right) said ‘no effort’  being made to check whether schools are cutting costs for parents. File photograph: Cyril Byrne

Schools have not yet received any of the financial rewards promised under an ambitious plan to encourage them to cut the cost of school uniforms and b(...)

Housing and homeless advocacy bodies called for the scheme to be extended. Photograph: PA

Housing and homelessness bodies have welcomed the rental strategy as a “step in the right direction” but expressed concern at its limitations. A pr(...)

Louise Renwick with her children Shay (3) and Bobby (10 months) and members of the “Wine and Whine” Blessington Mums community support group. Photograph: Alan Betson

“So what is it about having a baby that is so hard?” The woman who was three months pregnant with her first baby wasn’t being smart. And she wasn’t re(...)

Children’s campaigners have called for a total prohibition on corporal punishment following a ruling by the Council of Europe that the lack of a clear(...)

International Mushroom Festival 2013 - Killegar Estate, Co Leitrim, today and tomorrow.
Going out

International Mushroom Festival 2013 - Killegar Estate, Co Leitrim A focus on all things fungi, the festival (today and tomorrow) will see mushroom ex(...)