Management at Dundalk IT had also agreed to the withdrawal of a planned proposal to create a fifth school at the facility, the TUI said.

A planned strike by staff at the Dundalk Institute of Technology which was scheduled to go ahead next Tuesday has been called off after management sig(...)

Teachers from the Teachers’ Union of Ireland as well as the INTO and ASTI protesting over pay equalisation in 2018. Photograph: Alan Betson

Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) members have voted overwhelmingly to renew their mandate for industrial action over two-tier pay rates. The ballot w(...)

TUI president Seamus Lahart said teacher recruitment problems are evident “both across the country and across a broad range of subjects including, but not limited to, modern languages, mathematics, science, Irish, home economics and the technologies”. Photograph: Getty Images

Members of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI), have voted to accept Government proposals to end the controversial two-tier pay system in the educati(...)