A handout image made available by Interpol showing Meng Hongwei, Chinese President of Interpol. Photograph: EPA

French authorities have opened an inquiry into the disappearance of Meng Hongwei, the Chinese head of international police agency Interpol, after he r(...)

Smoke and flames coming from the burning oil tanker Sanchi off the coast of eastern China on January 14th. The vessel sank, with the loss of all 32 mariners on board. Photograph: AFP/Transport Ministry of China

An oil slick from a sunken Iranian tanker in the East China Sea has more than trebled in size to cover a total surface area of 332sq km from the 101s(...)

People move away as waves caused by Typhoon Utor crash on a seawall in Haikou, Hainan province. Photograph: China Daily/Reuters.

A typhoon struck the south coast of China today, forcing airlines to cancel flights and halting stock exchange trading in the financial centre of Hong(...)