The Apple Watch  proves useful in detecting an irregular heartbeat

An irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation is a condition that can go undiagnosed in many individuals because it doesn’t necessarily exhibit any sy(...)

Researchers say the findings  open the door to new ways of treating and preventing cardiovascular disease in people who are still at risk despite standard therapies.  Photograph: PA

A drug that fights inflammation can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and possibly lung cancer, in people who have already had one heart a(...)

The Pew Research Centre estimates that 60 per cent of Americans engage in some sort of fitness tracking.

Ten years into the self-tracking boom, wearable devices are becoming more sophisticated and multifunctional but are they really tracking what we want (...)

Three US scientists won the Nobel chemistry prize today for pioneering work on computer programs that simulate complex chemical processes and have rev(...)

Hitting the road could be as effective as popping the pills according to new BMJ research. Photograph: Thinkstock

Exercise may be just as effective as drugs at treating common diseases, according to a large study.The research, on more than 339,000 people, found be(...)