It’s been happening for so long now that we have come to expect it: each year, computing and other electronic devices shrink in size and drop in price(...)

In Dublin this week for the Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval conference, Lorenzo Torresani set out to see whether there might be a way that the contents of an image could also be understood by search engines, improving search results for both documents and images.

Anyone who has ever gone looking for an image on a search engine such as Bing or Google knows how hit-and-miss such an endeavour can be. Type in a sea(...)

“Online education has been around for decades. The thing that has really changed is that we now have the technology for one lecturer to teach a hun(...)

Joe Kennedy III greets Taoiseach Enda Kenny

It was 53 years ago, but Cliff Scott remembers it like it was yesterday. He was just a boy, and the young, dashing US senator whom everybody called Ja(...)

Fergus McAuliffe, winner of FameLab 2013. Photograph:  Anna Lythgoe

The heartwarming story of a freezing frog has earned an Irish researcher the top prize in an international science communication competition. Fergus M(...)

Shazna Nessa, who pioneered interactive storytelling at AP, will speak about visual innovation in a data-rich world at the Media Future conference in Dublin on May 14th.

From the New York Times ’ award-winning multimedia feature Snow(...)

South Korean soldiers patrol inside the barbed-wire fence near the border village of Panmunjom yesterday in Paju, South Korea. North Korea seems to be following its usual strategy of using belligerent language to win concessions on aid and, ultimately, achieve a peace treaty with the US. Photograph: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty

Military tensions reached a new high on the Korean peninsula yesterday as North Korea reportedly moved an intermediate-range missile to its eas(...)

Vivek Wadhwa: “We’ve messed up the magic formula. It used to be that you could get a green card [in the US] within 18 months. Now it takes about 15 years.”

In just a few years, successful entrepreneur-turned-academic Vivek Wadhwa has become the go-to guy in the United States for research into a phe(...)

Joseph P Kennedy III is the only member of the Kennedy family currently holding political office in the US. Photograph: Suzanne Kreiter/Globe

H e recalls sitting around the dinner table at his grandmother’s house listening to his aunts and uncles and older cousins debate the issues of(...)

Lessons from the Valley

When Deborah Perry Piscione approached her publishers with the idea for a book, she had a very different title in mind. “Why Silicon Val(...)

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