The debate about organically produced food versus chemically produced food never goes away. The two sides seem irreconcilably opposed and the debate r(...)

K Flay: Life as a Dog

Kristine Flaherty isn’t the first musician to find herself fed up with record industry shenanigans and machinations. Instead of fuming and stomping(...)

Wayne Shorter: ‘If there’s a lot of praise, where are the record sales?’ Photograph: Keith Tsuji/Getty

For Wayne Shorter, the past is not just another country, it’s a distant galaxy. Only now matters. It’s what you would expect from an iconic jazz music(...)

Prof Martyn Pemble of the Tyndall National Institute in Cork. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

Researchers at Tyndall National Institute, Cork, are collaborating with scientists from the US and Northern Ireland in a Science Foundation Ireland-s(...)

“The aim of the challenge is to send a balloon equipped with a small digital camera up into the stratosphere and capture some photographs and the students have done some Trojan work over the past few weeks working out the best way to position the camera,” said Terence McSwiney College Lillian Heylin. Photograph: Dave Meehan/The Irish Times

A Cork school was today hoping to create a little bit of history by boldly going where no Irish school has gone before - sending a helium balloon up t(...)

The early Earth was hit by a fast moving asteroid so large that its impact likely made the oceans boil.

The early Earth was hit by a fast moving asteroid so large that its impact likely made the oceans boil. It would have kicked off tsuna(...)

A number of large banks are still under investigation by the task force set up by US president Barack Obama in 2012. Photograph: Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Wall Street banks and their foreign rivals have paid out $100 billion in US legal settlements since the financial crisis, according to research(...)

“The damage done to the subject of the gossip is generally negligible, while the fun and fellow feeling created between the chatterers is considerable.” Photograph: Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago I bumped into a man I used to work with. We chatted for a bit about people we knew in journalism and I volunteered that s(...)

Long gone logos (from top): Digital Equipment Corporation; Sun; Silicon Graphics; Netscape; Burroughs; RCA; and Control Data Corporation

They were some of the biggest, most powerful, most innovative and most influential companies of the digital age. Many were big Irish employers (...)

Many studies show that girls are turned off by associations between computer science and the accoutrements of geekiness

Does a subject have to be “girly” to attract girls? It certainly would appear that rethinking the way an area of study is presented, and (...)

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