Darren O’Reilly (opposition) and  Sylvia Julius (proposition) during The Irish Times Debate 2020 semi-final at Maynooth University. The motion was:  ‘this house believes that eco-terrorism is morally justified’. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Irish students have always approached competitive debating in a slightly different way from the rest of the world. Our best speakers are gifted in com(...)

Patrick Fitzgerald, King’s Inns, speaking for the proposition “this house would edit historically sensitive writing/literature”, at the last semi-final of The Irish Times Debate at Blackhall Place, Dublin. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Student debaters hotly contested the merits of editing historically insensitive writing at the semi-finals of The Irish Times Debate 2017-2018 in(...)

The last semi-final of The Irish Times Debate 2015/2016:  Claire Ní Cheallaigh of the TCD Philosophical Society in full flight. Photograph: The Irish Times

The final of the Irish Times Debate, the annual student debating competition, takes place in Dublin this evening on the question of whether 2016 shoul(...)