First National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Ireland: Back row: Patrick Dawson, Margaret Magill, Eleanor O’Callaghan, Bill Sears, Lesley Gibson, John Turner and OZ Whitehead; Front:  Philip O’Brien, Adib Taherzadeh and Seosamh Watson.

On a sunny Sunday morning in Co Dublin in April 1972, the first National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Ireland was elected. The formation of th(...)

Stained glass window in the west wall of St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick. Photograph: Liam Burke/Press 22

In the years following the Cromwellian siege of Limerick in 1651, Quakers were to suffer greatly under the notorious governor of the conquered city, C(...)

Bloomfield House, Bloomfield Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Since it was built in about 1790 for the prominent barrister, MP and future attorney general William Saurin, Bloomfield House in Donnybrook has witnes(...)

In 1955, a Soviet delegation sent a cheque to the New York apartment of a 90-year-old Irish author, translator and composer. At the time, the Soviet U(...)

  James Joyce. Photograph: Lipnitzki/Roger Viollet/Getty Images

Before the film Groundhog Day immortalised the role of that – exclusively North American – animal as a harbinger of spring, the job used to belong to (...)

Catholic primate Archbishop Eamon Martin has said no young person should be turned away from a Catholic school based on the results of an entrance exam. Photograph: PA

No young person should be turned away from a Catholic school based on the results of an entrance exam, the Catholic primate Archbishop Eamon Martin ha(...)

“Less is more” is certainly a term that can be applied to the writing of local history and very often what happens at the grassroots can shine a light(...)

Cousins Emma (13) and Jordan (12) Pim at the Quaker memorial in Wyse Park, Waterford city, a former Quaker burial ground. Photograph: Patrick Browne

The contribution of the Quakers to life in Waterford is to be remembered this weekend with the unveiling of a memorial at the site of the first Quaker(...)

“In addition to protecting the rights of citizens between themselves, the right of access to the courts is a vital protection of the public interest when a member of society aims to restrain or challenge the powers of the State or the might of big business – both of which have deep pockets.”  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

In its latest assessment of Ireland’s bailout programme, the EU-IMF troika has again called for reform of the legal system and a reduction in legal co(...)