Just as good fencing makes for good neighbourly relations, it is vitally important that some form of agreement is in place to maintain the status quo. Photograph: Thinkstock

My wife and I live in our own semi-detached house. Our adjoining neighbour is planning to build a one storey extension to the rear of his house extend(...)

Photograph: iStock

I have a question about purchasing a garden with the idea to build a modular or prefabricated home on it. I have found a large section of garden in (...)

What can you do if the apartment above is leaking water? Photograph: iStock

For the second time in two years, my apartment has been damaged by water from the apartment above. When I brought this matter to the attention of the (...)

Media reports the suspension on eviction notices because of coronavirus may be extended.

I served a six month notice to my tenant in November 2019 to vacate in mid-May 2020. Is this considered an eviction notice, and when is he obliged to (...)

Self-leveling concrete is typically used to create a flat and smooth surface with a compressive strength similar to or higher than that of traditional concrete prior to installing interior floor. Photograph: iStock

I had a slab concrete foundation issue in the garage area, which was repaired. Once I pulled my carpet up inside, however, I noticed superficial crack(...)

After six months, licensees may seek the landlord’s permission to become a tenant

I rent a room from a person who has signed a contract with the owner, and I’ve lived there for almost one year. I pay for this room and bills. Now thi(...)

No tenant should accept this treatment from any landlord. Photograph: iStock

Our landlord is a very greedy person. We have been renting his house for two years. We sleep on old mattresses, only on springs. We do not have a refr(...)

The wrong type of plaster for your walls could be the cause of the dampness.  Photograph: iStock

I have a wet patch on two internal walls between bedrooms. No mould or mildew. My house is a granite cottage built in 1918. What do you think is causi(...)

Many tenants whose businesses have closed have been asking whether they are entitled to some form of rent relief. Photograph: iStock

I have a commercial lease and run a fast-food outlet shop in Dublin city. We also do takeaway and have seating inside. Am I entitled to a rent holiday(...)

The house was built 20 years ago, I am told it had no planning permission. Photograph: iStock

We live next door to a rented house. Recently the tenants have moved out and receivers have been appointed to the property. The house has many issues (...)

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