Building the future: there is a pressing need to keep a lid on soaring building costs, and that includes labour costs.  Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

You don’t need to be an ideological-wing nut to accept that during the last boom, an overenthusiastic embrace of liberal economic values – or right-wi(...)

The boundary as indicated on the Land Registry map is not conclusive. Photograph: iStock

I have an issue with a boundary. Our property has a folio number and is registered with the Land Registration Authority freehold since 1988. Our neigh(...)

The joists between apartments are sometimes considered part of the building fabric in insurance policies

I live in a small development of just eight apartments. We manage the owner management committee (OMC) ourselves. We have two directors, and both live(...)

Insulating the roof alone without a holistic overview of the entire structure may be throwing good money after bad. Photograph: iStock

I am interested in insulating my conservatory roof. What are the pros and cons relating to this? The conservatory was a popular addition to houses i(...)

‘It is also advisable to check if the title to the property is registered with the Land Registry’ Photograph: iStock

My grandmother died and I’m her only grandchild. I need to know where the deed to her house is? I assume that you are your grandmother’s successor i(...)

Once the cause has been  resolved  the floor should return to its normal level and the ‘hump’ will diminish, sometimes taking months to disappear

I am living in a purpose-built apartment block, which was completed in 2006. I have been the only owner of the apartment. It is a ground floor, corn(...)

A well-presented house with all boxes ticked in terms of paperwork and maintenance should attract more bidders and make the process of selling more efficient.

We have baby number three on the way and need to buy a larger house and sell our two-bed terraced house. The house is 20 years old and is showing sign(...)

Good party walls make good neighbours, but insulation crossing a boundary line can cause conveyancing hassle

I live in a traditional semi-detached house. When it was built it had a space to build a garage. My neighbour and I built garages with a kitchen exten(...)

‘The granny flat would be one storey, with loads of ground space around the site.’ Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I am planning on building a granny flat in a friend’s back garden (30ft by 27ft in total area). It would be an A1-rated eco-house in the Shankill area(...)

‘I’m fighting a constant battle with black mildew or mould (not sure which it is) in the winter months.’ Photograph: Getty Images

I live in a 1960s bungalow which I have insulated as much as I am able to (proper thickness loft insulation, blown polystyrene wall cavity insulation (...)

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