Mixed-use buildings: Reducing your residential floor area should lower your local property tax (LPT). File photograph: Getty

We have a small business in Galway in a mixed-use building. We want to extend the commercial side of the building using part of the residential area. (...)

There are more than 204,000 occupied apartments in the State, according to the latest census.

The “vast majority” of apartment developments have not set aside enough funds for maintenance and refurbishment, according to a new report by the Soci(...)

Attic space in a newly built house, ready for conversion.

My sister bought a house and as we are a family of five in the house, three bedrooms is not enough. I work in the construction industry as a scaffolde(...)

If your existing home/extension is not covered under “exempted development” (planning regulations) or does not have the required permission, you will have to seek “retention” permission.

What are the private open space requirements that would allow an existing granny flat to be converted into a separate dwelling that would satisfy Dubl(...)

When I come back from work in the evening I find the WC as if someone had used it without flushing and cleaning afterwards. Photograph: iStock

I live in a flat in the fourth floor of an apartment building. In the morning, I flush and clean the water closet (WC) after use. When I come back fro(...)

New wall and ground for a modern extension of a house

We are considering a large extension to the rear of our property and the builder is pushing us towards a timber frame structure as he says it’s easier(...)

“The expansion vessel on your heating system clearly has failed as indicated by the weeping overflow when the boiler is in use.”

We have a pressurised heating system with three zones: hot water, upstairs radiators and under floor heating downstairs. The heating is oil fired and (...)

Upgrading windows is a worthwhile endeavour and can be an economical way of achieving a significant home improvement without having to go to the expense of replacing the windows in their entirety. Photograph: iStock

I engaged a major home-energy-upgrade company to retrofit Low-E double-glazed units to my wooden windows and doors. I had done research in advance and(...)

‘Living in a city while looking to purchase there will give you a much better feel for where you would like to end up buying.’ File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We are a couple working in Dublin but wish to move out of it and move to Cork in the next 12-18 months or so. We have recently seen a few houses that (...)

“I have recently been involved in a dispute with a neighbour over my cat entering and allegedly soiling his garden.” File photograph.

We live in a small housing estate comprising nine bungalows in a large town. I have recently been involved in a dispute with a neighbour over my cat e(...)

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