The property price survey showed that while 38 per cent of surveyors expect price falls in the coming 12 months, a third still expect prices to rise in the capital. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg

Almost 40 per cent of chartered surveyors expect Dublin house prices to decline by the middle of next year on the back of improved supply, a Central B(...)

All buildings settle and dry out; creaks and cracks are common

In 2015, we finished adding a two-storey extension to our 1970s, detached house. The intermediate floors in the two-storey extension are made of plywo(...)

Proceed with caution: anybody offering property services needs a licence from the PRSA. Photograph: iStock/Getty

I recently moved from Dublin to a town in the midlands, buying a property in a development of about 50 houses and duplexes. We don’t have a formal man(...)

Wall cracking: ask a building surveyor to make an initial assessment of the damage. Photograph: iStock/Getty

I’ve recently noticed fresh cracking on my house. I had understood that repair work would be covered by my home insurance, but my broker says that, al(...)

File photo

I live in a development that consists of four occupied apartment blocks, one block that is just a concrete shell, a number of commercial units and a h(...)

Photograph: iStock

Five years ago I purchased a house in a rural area which had been built by the previous owner on a site given to him by his family on their farm. The (...)

Informal arrangements are not compatible with today’s highly-regulated tenancy-law environment.

Q I’m renting a room in a shared house in Dublin. I took the room and paid a deposit to a previous tenant and have not signed a lease. I’m planning on(...)

Local authorities may require granny flats to revert to family use  once the granny flat use isn’t required.

We have a garage attached to the side of our house, which is original to the property. We want to convert this into a studio granny annex with its own(...)

The introduction of central heating systems in modern houses has exacerbated the problem with creaking of timber stairs.

My stairs creak. They creak like an old haunted house. They creak when it’s hot or cold. I believe poor workmanship or shoddy construction is to blame(...)

A scope of works document should be developed based on a thorough inspection of the building

I’m having work done on my house but the plans provided by my designer are light on detail. They were submitted for planning alright but any builder t(...)

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