Text updated on Friday, July 27th My house was built in the 1930s and is constructed from poured concrete. We added double glazing and some internal (...)

The new unit must be formed by the conversion of an existing part of the dwelling or by the provision of an extension that is physically connected to the original dwelling house. Photograph: iStock

I’m thinking of building a “granny flat” in my yard for my mother. The dimensions would be about 9m by 6m – from a timber frame house with a concrete (...)

In the past, with one-off houses, typically there were areas of non-compliance.

I recently received planning permission to demolish an old house and build what I call my "dream home". My husband and I have worked hard to be able t(...)

My advice would be to immediately have the property inspected by a qualified building surveyor, with an instruction to him to issue a certificate of compliance. Photograph: iStock

I’m looking to sell my house that has been previously extended before I bought it. The extension was exempted. Do I need a certificate of compliance? (...)

Despite the clause in your lease agreement as a tenant you could be liable to compensate the landlady for this damage that could be viewed as excessive wear and tear.

I rent with my husband a two-bedroom house and when we first signed the lease, our landlady gave us permission to keep two cats. This agreement has al(...)

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I am looking for information regarding the change of use from commercial to residential. I have a commercial premises on the main street of a town and(...)

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Our McInerney-built house was finished mid-1970. Some time ago I replaced one of the original light switches and two of the original sockets. Recently(...)

The SCSI suggests that if the economy grows by 4 per cent per a year the shortfall will double to 4,000 up to 2021. Photograph: iStock

Houses aren’t the only commodity in short supply in the construction sector with Ireland set to experience a shortage of more than 2,000 property surv(...)

It might sound obvious to consider the outside of a property when viewing potential homes but as architect Dermot Bannon says, “if the shell of a hous(...)

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I am a part-time landlord with two apartments. I’ve tended to have good tenants and have always considered it reasonable to keep the rents lower than (...)

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