“We’ve moved beyond ‘tolerance’, which denotes ‘putting up with’ difference.” Photograph: iStock

Diversity is no longer just a polite buzzword for most Irish companies. Good workplaces are changing: women are no longer willing to tolerate a lack o(...)

A ‘No Drone Zone’ sign on the perimeter fence of Dublin airport Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The vast majority of people in Ireland are uncomfortable with the prospect of commercial drone use, and privacy issues are the most common source of u(...)

Glenstal Abbey, in Co Limerick,  received almost €135,000 in grants from the American Ireland Funds in 2017.  Photograph: Arthur Ellis/Press22

The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School was the big winner in the $29.47 million (€25.6 million) donated to more than 350 organisations and p(...)

Conall McGonagle: “What’s amazing in New York is the scale and the speed of things.”

Moving to a new city to start a new job might look glamorous. However, very often career moves come at a price, especially if there are partners and c(...)

In 2016 total exports into the UK from Ireland grew by 2 per cent, according to Marina Donohoe of Enterprise Ireland. “If you strip out food, they grew by 6 per cent.”

Though the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations is unknown, one certainty is that the UK will remain our major trading partner. The fifth-largest(...)

“Our aim is to become the go-to booking and management system for sports facilities worldwide”: Craig Bewley (left) and Brian Cashman

Craig Bewley is no stranger to the challenges of the start-up world, having set up his first business while still at school. Since then he has co-foun(...)

The Smurfit  Graduate Business School at UCD was rated highest for its master’s degree in management

Ireland’s Smurfit Graduate Business School was one of the big winners in the European Business Schools Ranking 2016, published by the Financial Times.(...)

Killian Lannen and Nicholas Jensen: taking on floral goliath Interflora

At first glance it might appear that Killian Lannen and Nicholas Jensen are mad to be starting a new flower delivery business with a Goliath like Inte(...)

Michael Carey, managing director of East Coast Bakehouse: “While we have many examples of individually good initiatives, our approach to education and training does not optimise this ‘entrepreneur flow’.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Can anyone become an entrepreneur or does it require the right genetics? Indigenous entrepreneur-led growth and job (...)

More people at work and rising incomes helped to boost consumer confidence and drive consumer spending higher in 2015, with a strong recovery evident (...)

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