Slovak prime minister Robert Fico has accused his critics of trying to oust him in a “coup”. Photograph: Radovan Stoklasa/Reuters

Slovak prime minister Robert Fico is fighting to save his government after one party vowed to leave the ruling coalition unless he called snap electi(...)

Slovakian prime minister Robert Fico: To negotiate with centrist party Siet over a coalition. Photograph: AP Photo/Petr David Josek

Slovak centrist party Siet (Net) will negotiate with leftist prime minister Robert Fico on forming a government, it said on Sunday, reversing its earl(...)

Slovakia’s prime minister  Robert Fico (left) and interior minister Robert Kalinak arrive at the headquarters of their party, Smer, in Bratislava on Saturday. Photograph: Samuel Kubani/AFP/Getty Images

Slovakia’s president said he would ask prime minister Robert Fico to try to form a new government after Mr Fico’s leftist Smer party won the most vote(...)