5G conspiracy graffiti in London Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

There is a relatively new global ranking, where the UK is a world leader and Ireland comes in at number three. Unfortunately it’s the number of arson (...)

Patients may be convinced by anecdotal or unverified evidence supporting the efficacy of alternative treatments.

In March, 2018, the Spanish Organisation of Medical Colleges created what they called “an observatory against pseudosciences, pseudotherapies, intrusi(...)

Homeopathic remedies: widely used around Europe. Photograph: BSIP/UIG/Getty

Homeopathy doesn’t always get a fair hearing in the media, according to Sheelagh Behan, an Irish homeopath and organiser of an international conferenc(...)

Many species of seahorse could become extinct in the next 20 years due to massive harvesting for traditional Chinese medicine. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

In a previous column (April 2013), I drew attention to the powerful impact of beliefs on behaviour and outlined some significant risks that mig(...)

 A ‘parasite zapper’, which claims to rid the body of parasites by allowing the nine-volt battery to pass a current through the patient’s body

I’ve just finished reading a very interesting article by Prof Thomas Patterson of Texas State University. He lectures on a number of topics inc(...)

A nebula in the constellation Orion, photographed in 1999. Photograph courtesy of Nasa

As I write this column, the incessant rain is wreaking havoc across the country and depressing the overall mood of the entire population. While(...)

The idea that nature reflects the work of a conscious designer remains a compelling one in the face of the immense complexity we see in the world arou(...)

Inexorable. The word just seemed to pop up with unusual regularity in my reading of late. Then one particular essay stopped me in my tracks. It was di(...)

Many interesting discussions arise over coffee. A recent example concerned changes in diet over the course of our lives in Ireland. The chat ranged fr(...)

The term “neuro” is popping up with increasing regularity these days. I’ve recently received brochures for events on the “neuroscience of psychotherap(...)

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