Guinness owner Diageo is in the process of a €16 million investment in the Guinness Storehouse.

Drinks giant Diageo has announced a £150 million (€173.5 million) investment over three years to “transform” its Scotch whisky visitor experiences. T(...)

Scotland’s secretary for external affairs  said the UK government had to adopt “a more inclusive approach” and open up Brexit negotiations to more parties. Photograph: Getty Images

The UK government’s handling of Brexit talks has been “chaotic at best”, according to Scotland’s secretary for external affairs, Fiona Hyslop. Relati(...)

Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer Phillip Hammond poses with the budget box at 11 Downing Street in London. Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

Northern Ireland’s budget is to get a welcome £650 million boost from the UK Treasury but the British chancellor was much more generous to the Scottis(...)

The 99 assembly members  are spending a second weekend debating on how the State can make Ireland a leader in tackling climate change. Photograph: Tom Honan

Scotland is on target to generate all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, the Citizens’ Assembly has heard. Under chair Ms Justice Ma(...)

Campaign groups  had said making women travel  to take the pill denies them ‘clear potential advantages in terms of their wellbeing at what is often a very difficult time’

Women in Scotland are to be the first in the UK to be allowed to take the abortion pill at home. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has be(...)

If the acclamation that greeted Nicola Sturgeon at the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference in Glasgow this week is any guide, her position as lea(...)

Scottish foreign and cultural affairs minister Fiona Hyslop attending a British Irish Chamber of Commerce discussion on cross-channel cooperation this week.

The rules of devolution in the UK have been “breached” by the DUP’s billion-pound deal with the Tory Government, the Scottish foreign and cultural aff(...)

First minister Nicola Sturgeon insisted that the Scottish government “remains committed strongly to the principle of giving Scotland a choice at the end of this process”. Photograph: Andrew Cowan/PA Wire

Scotland’s devolved government has shelved its immediate plans to hold a second independence referendum until after the terms of Britain’s exit from t(...)

“Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ will now join the long list of ironic British euphemisms.” Photograph: Simon Dawson/EPA

As it would often remind the rest of the world, Britain has for a very long time been what James Joyce once remarked that Ireland was not: a “logical (...)

Angus Robertson, the SNP’s deputy leader said there was ‘very, very little consideration’ being given in English politics to the plight of Northern Ireland. Photograph: Reuters/Russell Cheyne

British leader Theresa May is “playing with fire” on Brexit’s impact on Ireland when she says that no deal with the EU is better than a bad deal, says(...)

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