One respondent said  ‘if Covid-positive patients did not want to move to the Covid ward they were left in their own rooms on non-Covid wards’.   Photograph: Getty Images

Some frontline healthcare workers were told they did not need protective equipment or testing because they were “young and healthy” during the first w(...)

A Covid patient in ICU at St Vincent’s University Hospital in 2020. Photograph: Alan Betson

Nobody in Ireland was left untouched by the disorienting new reality of Covid-19. But healthcare workers were uniquely exposed. They worked in a world(...)

The more colourful the produce on your plate, the better the food usually is for your brain. ‘Pretty much anything that will help keep arteries healthy will reduce risk of dementia,’ is how one American expert puts it. Photograph: iStock

Walnuts can improve cognitive function. Blueberries can boost memory. Fish oil supplements can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. You may have n(...)

For practical purposes, experts may recommend breaking 150 minutes into 30-minute sessions of speedy walking, or a similar activity, five times a week. Photograph: iStock

For anyone interested in the relationship between exercise and living longer, one of the most pressing questions is how much we really need to stay he(...)

France’s prime minister Jean Castex (centre) and health minister Olivier Veran (second left) leave after visiting a Covid-19 vaccination centre in Creteil, outside Paris, on Tuesday. Photograph: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP via Getty Images

France has registered a national and European record for new coronavirus infections as the Omicron variant fuels a surge in cases across the continent(...)

Coronavirus is pummelling Russia, Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe. Photograph: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty

The global death toll from Covid-19 has topped five million, according to Johns Hopkins University. The grim figure comes less than two years into a(...)

Flavonoids are the chemicals that give plant foods like these their bright hues. Photograph: iStock

This summer, The Irish Times will offer tips, advice and information for parents on how to help their children thrive during the holiday mon(...)

Workers administering doses of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine at Sunset Park in New York on April 7th. Photograph:  Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Even as the US powered towards its goal of vaccinating more than 70 per cent of Americans against Covid-19 by early July, the country’s medical profes(...)

For most people drinking coffee in moderation ‘can be part of a healthy lifestyle’, research shows. Illustration: Gracia Lam/New York Times

We sure love our coffee. Even during lockdown lots of us managed to keep buying our daily flat white or Americano. So all of us should be happy to hea(...)

Spermatazoa: something that’s going on in a man’s body one month may be totally different from what’s happening the next month. Illustration: SciePro/iStock/Getty

Male scientists have long waxed poetic on the contents of their testes. “Sperm is a drop of brain,” wrote the ancient Greek writer Diogenes Laertius. (...)

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