One homeless young woman told researchers shame around her experience makes her ‘want to be invisible’

Young people are one of the most vulnerable groups experiencing homelessness in Ireland. Since 2014, the number of 18 to 24 year olds homeless has dou(...)

Photograph: iStock

Question: My seven-year-old son has got into the habit of putting his hands down his pants and leaving them there. He tends to do it while watching TV(...)

Lauren Coe as Emma in Landmark Productions and The Everyman’s stage production of ‘Asking for It’ by Louise O’Neill. Photograph: Patrick Redmond

Picture the scene. It’s hot and busy with oh, say, 800 US navy crew crowded into the hall. Is it an assumption to say there is a lot of testosterone a(...)

One of the key challenges for children with Aspergers and autism is learning the social skills to make and keep friends

Question: I have become worried about my 14-year-old son who has Aspergers syndrome. He has become much more anxious about going out and has dropped(...)

'I just wish she would open up and talk to us.' Photograph: iStock

Question: My 13-year-old daughter seems to be going through a hard time at the moment. She can fly off the handle and gets into big rows with me and e(...)

Hearing that your child is being picked on or bullied by other children is very upsetting as a parent. Photograph: iStock

Question: Our daughter is 11 and in fifth class. Over the past couple of months she has been unhappy in school and I had been putting it down to (...)

Secret eating and binge eating are common problems among adults and children. Photograph: iStock

Question: My daughter has just turned 11 and is a very anxious child in a way that manifests in aggression and low self-esteem. There have been proble(...)

Xbox: encourage your son him to have alternatives, whether playing a musical instrument or reading a book

My eldest son will be 14 in a few weeks and is just finishing his first year at secondary school. I’m dreading the thought of how to entertain him ove(...)

She blames them for starting rows even though a lot of the time she initiates things herself

QUESTION: I have three sons (11, 13 and 16) and a daughter (14). My daughter attended a mixed primary school and then went to the local all-girls seco(...)

Preparing your son in advance of social situations can help them go well

Question: My 5-year-old son struggles with socialising with other kids in groups, especially when we go out to parties or other big group situations. (...)

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