Freshly cut turf near Mountbellew, Co Galway this week

On his way to work every morning, consultant geriatrician Colm Byrne has a fair idea how busy his day will be at the Mater hospital on the northside o(...)

The James Webb Space Telescope

Imagine if scientists could use a telescope to peer back billions of years to the early days of the universe, to watch how planets, stars and galaxies(...)

Paul Cadden, owner of Saba on Dublin’s South William Street with a component of their CO2 monitoring system. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

Last month, a Stop Covid-19 Hanging Around publicity campaign launched in the United Kingdom, following research that showed only a third of the (...)

Kathleen Moran, senior librarian for the Junior Certificate Schools Programme, checks out some books with  Dylan Whelan, Sarah Maguire, Alexander Dunne and Aoibhe Geraghty at Trinity Comprehensive School in Ballymun. Photograph: Damien Eagers

Trinity Comprehensive School in Ballymun has a striking design. Formed from the amalgamation of three post-primaries during the first phase of the sta(...)

Trinity and Microsoft join forces to accelerate next-generation quantum technologies. Cathriona Hallahan, managing director of Microsoft Ireland and Prof Linda Doyle, who will become Provost of Trinity College Dublin later this year at the announcement in Trinity on Friday.

Trinity College Dublin has joined forces with Microsoft Ireland to accelerate the development of next-generation quantum technologies and support futu(...)

Quantum computers will, researchers in the field say, be able to solve problems that are currently unsolvable. Photograph: Getty Images

Information is power, but these days we have so much of it that our computers are struggling to put it all to good use. To achieve that, we need some(...)

The system will quickly process large volumes of chest images so deteriorating Covid-19 patients can be identified when admitted to hospital. Photograph: iStock

A team of scientists based at NUI Galway is set to use the national supercomputer, known as Kay, to help develop a system to quickly process large vol(...)

The whiskey process showed better results for stabilising nanomaterials in a liquid or ink compared with the current process of mixing water and ethanol.

Irish researchers have found a new use for Irish whiskey – creating the world’s wonder material, graphene. The discovery was made by researchers at t(...)

Supernova SN 2018gv, the bright blue point source in the bottom right of the galaxy pictured.

Scientists have made a major discovery about supernovae – the spectacular light that occurs when stars explode at the end of their lives. The discove(...)

“Treating time specially is a human construct and we’re using the wrong language,” says Prof David Berman.

In the basement of a former plumbing supplies store, down the road from King’s Cross station in London, two eminent physicists are discussing the natu(...)

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