Research  found that where TXA was given within three hours of the injury being sustained, the rate of death could be significantly reduced. Photograph: Alan Betson

A drug trialled at Cork University Hospital (CUH) has been found to reduce deaths from head trauma by as much as 20 per cent. The result has been de(...)

In the study, patients were put into groups of mild, moderate or severe atopic eczema and were monitored for an average of five years. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Adults with severe eczema have an increased risk of cardiovascular problems, according to a new study. The study, published by the “British Medical J(...)

The sugar tax has focused the minds of manufacturers who have been racing to market with reformulated products which will avoid the tax. Photograph: Getty Images

They’re taxing my minerals now, I hear? They are. This week a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks comes into force after spending years in the pipeline. Wh(...)

Work continues at Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photograph: Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg

A leading scientist has said Rory McIlroy is taking “a perfectly sensible precaution” by staying from the Rio Olympics if he is intending to become a (...)

The survey on sexual behaviour in the UK found more tolerance in general of same-sex relationships, the researchers said, although they noted that the studies also found people are becoming less tolerant of married partners having extramarital sex. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Britons are having sex from their teens until well into their 70s and experimenting with experiences and techniques once dismissed as deviant, accordi(...)