“There would be a Pandora’s box of symbolic issues, from flags to language,  that could require negotiation.”
How a united Ireland would work

With the spectre of a new hard Border haunting the island, the recently dormant question of Irish unity has received renewed attention. Unification wa(...)

“Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ will now join the long list of ironic British euphemisms.” Photograph: Simon Dawson/EPA

As it would often remind the rest of the world, Britain has for a very long time been what James Joyce once remarked that Ireland was not: a “logical (...)

‘To say Northern Ireland barely registers in British public discourse would be a generous understatement.’ Photograph: Justin Tallis/Getty/ AFP

‘Because of the nonsense made by the inclusion of Britain,” an Irish civil servant wrote of a 1960s cross-Border initiative, “we shall have to reopen (...)

We live in unpredictable times, but Irish people could be forgiven for thinking recent reports that Ian Paisley jnr was encouraging his constituents (...)

Conflicting emotions: the emotional pull is strong, but there are sensible reasons to stay away. Photograph: Peter Walton/Getty

As Irish politics returns to its boom-era totems of lower taxes and higher spending, the Taoiseach has recently commented  that emigrants had bee(...)