Dr Junying Liu, Prof Helen Sheridan, Dr Shipra Nagar and Dr Gaia Scalabrino.

Research into natural products is on the rise again as scientists in Ireland become 21st-century “medicine hunters” searching for ingredients for dru(...)

It’s fantastic to make breakthroughs in the lab, but the focus has to be completely on the patient.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Chemotherapy can be debilitating for even the strongest of patients, but it can be particularly hard on children who have to cope with both an illness(...)

British prime minister David Cameron is rightly worried about what the fallout will be for the rest of the UK if Northern Ireland gets the right to set its own corporation tax rates. Photo: Chris Radburn/PA

Have you ever been recommended to take a “tonic” when you are feeling run down and low? Often the promise that a certain concoction may d(...)