Special classes are designed to cater to the needs of young people who have been assessed as requiring more specialised support and might not cope in a regular classroom. Photograph: iStock

Is there a two-tier gap in the education system for children with autism or learning disabilities? Many campaigners and parents of children with speci(...)

Campaigners say many children with special needs are refused access to secondary schools through use of “soft barriers”. Photograph: iStock

Are secondary schools using “soft barriers” to turn away students with special needs? Yes, says research. Latest studies show disadvantaged schools h(...)

The vast majority of primary schools – just over 90 per cent – are of a Catholic ethos. Photograph: The Irish Times

The Government is planning to remove the “Baptism barrier” for entry to Catholic primary schools from September of next year. Under changes to be ann(...)

 Minister for Education Richard Bruton said he wished ‘to promote the Irish language and Irish-medium schools as far as possible’. Photograph: Getty Images

Four-year-old children could face interviews to test their ability to speak Irish under new measures to prioritise admission for children from Irish-s(...)

A recent research poll from Equate found 46 per cent would not choose a Christian school if they had a choice locally. And one in five people knows someone who has had their child baptised solely so they could get into a school. Photograph: iStockphoto

‘I have no judgment about what anybody else does on the planet, as long as they’re not discriminating against someone else. You and I, as taxpayers, (...)

Again and again, research has shown that denominational schools are far more likely to contain minorities such as travellers or immigrant children, and to welcome them. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill / The Irish Times

An American company designs survival capsules, that is, reinforced pods to protect people from natural disasters like tsunamis. They are built to high(...)