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Of the 39 protein bars surveyed, 38 per cent listed chocolate as their main ingredient.

Chocolate is the main ingredient in almost 40 per cent of protein bars, with many also being high in saturated fat and containing added sugar and salt(...)

Tralee Town park run  in Co Kerry. Young and not so young from around the area participate in the weekly 2km junior park run which starts at 9.30am on a Sunday. Photograph: Domnick Walsh

We’re halfway through January, so how are those new year resolutions going? Some 80 per cent of turn-of-the-year pledges will have been broken by the (...)

 Screen time: smartphones are having an impact on children’s physical exercise Photograph: Chris Radburn / PA Wire

Parents do not know how much screen time is healthy for their children, an Oireachtas committee heard on Wednesday. Lack of guidance is leaving pare(...)

The research was published to promote healthy eating.

Families in Ireland spend significantly more on junk food than on fruit and vegetables a damning new report into family shopping habits has revealed. (...)

Weighted results: A survey of shift workers found that slightly more than half were overweight. In the manufacturing sector, 64% said they were overweight. Photograph: PA

A report into the habits of people who work shifts has found that nearly 80 per cent reported getting insufficient sleep while two-thirds admitted to(...)

. Children’s tummies are small, so if they fill themselves up with a sugary drink, they will not feel like eating meals. Photograph: Thinkstock

According to Safefood there has been a “massive” increase in the number of energy drink products on sale in Ireland which can contain up to 17 teaspo(...)

A patient waits in a stretcher trolley inside the emergency services unit of the Saint-Joseph hospital in Paris, on August 20, 2013.  AFP PHOTO / PIERRE ANDRIEU        (Photo credit should read PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/Getty Images)

Hospitals are becoming “overwhelmed” by large numbers of patients presenting with flu symptoms and flood-related injuries, Minister for Health Leo Var(...)

Younger age groups are gulping down their protein shakes – even though sporting governing bodies, such as the GAA and the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU), do not recommend them for players under 18 years of age.  Photograph: Thinkstock

I used to see these oversized, slightly sinister-looking plastic tubs with mysterious labels piled high in shops that I passed by but never went in(...)

No, it’s not just you. While some chocolate bars have shrunk in size, bakeries are churning out bigger and bigger muffins, Danish pastries, doughnuts (...)

Women increase their portion sizes when they eat with men because they don’t want to appear to be mean with food or give the impression that they cons(...)

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