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Three US scientists won the Nobel chemistry prize today for pioneering work on computer programs that simulate complex chemical processes and have rev(...)

In 2002 the Roberts Set for Success review addressed the supply of science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills throughout the education sy(...)

 Psychiatrist  Ivor Browne, pictured at his home in Ranelagh. Photograph: Dave Meehan
The Gentleman Browne

‘Is he still alive?” people keep asking. Yes he is, very much so, and is as challenging as ever. Visionary, revolutionary and preparing to take lea(...)

Sir Paul Nurse has strong ideas about how to drive the transition from lab to life

How do you turn a scientific discovery into something that has an impact on society – maybe it opens up a new way to treat a disease, perhaps it under(...)

The move to ban wild animals in circuses in Britain was prompted by one owner’s mistreatment of an elephant.

Circus owners will be barred from using wild animals in their acts in Britain by December 2015, under restrictions announced y(...)

A giant squid or Architeuthis. Photograph:  Tsunemi Kubodera via NUI Galway

New research involving an Irish scientist has found that all the giant squid inthe planet’s oceans belong to one single species. Dr Loui(...)

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