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Liz Shanahan, chair of the Irish International Business Network said the UK must now face the magnitude of the task ahead.

Today, we are devastated. We all knew the referendum was going to be close, even though polling had suggested a narrow Remain victory. Like many I s(...)

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Long before the word “scientist” was coined, the scientist was often the subject of caricature. In Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver vis(...)

Colin Lowes (47), of Torr Gardens, Larne, Co Antrim, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage after an incident involving an injured seagull. File photograph: Getty Images

A bare-chested man carrying a bleeding seagull stormed out of a vet’s surgery and caused damage to a door after being told the bird could not be treat(...)

Sleuthing at a CSI event at last year’s NI Science Festival

Have you ever been curious about the science that underpins the food we eat, how we play sport, or works of art? NI Science Festival will dig into (...)

A Minecraft rendering of the GPO in Dublin

A new initiative is asking children to create their own stories of Ireland using the popular computer game Minecraft. MindRising 2016 wants young peo(...)

The lithium-ion polymer battery of a hybrid vehicle: demand for lithium’s use in electric vehicles could grow 11-fold by 2025, says Goldman Sachs. Photograph: Seongjoon Cho/Bloomberg

When Douglas Caster was 13 his father marched him to the Teeside steelworks in the north-east of England where he worked. It was meant as a warning. (...)

In The Water Book, Alok Jha takes us on a journey from the Antarctic to the monsoons of India (above)

If you are looking to give a curious mind a present this festive season, or if you are looking to feed your own curious mind, then a science-related b(...)

Robert Boyle: central to the development of the experimental method used today

Ireland has an international reputation for creativity in the arts. We are famous for literature, music and dance and the fine arts generally. Yet a s(...)

James Joseph Sylvester, like many brilliant young people today, had difficulty finding a suitable position

James Joseph Sylvester was born in London to Jewish parents in 1814 on this day 201 years ago. The family name was Joseph but, for reasons unclear,(...)

Inclement: Boole loved everything about Cork except the weather, which ended up killing him – getting caught in a storm led to pneumonia – when he was 49, in 1864. Wood engraving photographed by Ann Ronan/Print Collector/Getty
George Boole: generous genius

George Boole, one of the world’s greatest mathematicians, is the embodiment of the self-made man. Although it has been claimed that he was the inspira(...)

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