‘In the past few days we have seen gatherings of 10-25 wasps on the summit cairns of four mountains in the west of Ireland’

Little egret I saw this exotic-looking heron with bright-yellow feet wading in the Dodder behind the Aviva stadium. Is it a snowy egre(...)

Mammal jawbone

My grandson Calvin (5) found this jawbone on Portmarnock beach. The molar- style teeth do not look they belong to a fish. Can you identify it please? (...)

Dr Rosie Mangan: ‘One thing I remember was hearing my Dad’s voice, and I knew something had changed and I must be back in Ireland.’

When Dr Rosie Mangan went on a field trip to Brazil a year ago, things didn’t go quite to plan. “My area of research looks at using biology to keep a(...)

Viney drawing for September 28 - wasp on windfall apple. Illustration: Michael Viney

“Wasps!” A friend visiting from Cork city was quite sure what I should write about next. Her one word rang with feeling. Cork, with southern warmth, (...)