Graphene, the world’s thinnest material, responds to electrical stimuli such as those from nerves, the spinal cord, heart, brain and muscles

Irish researchers have developed a new “biomaterial” capable of regenerating tissue and eliminating infections, especially those arising in hospital s(...)

The fact that most of communication is now screen-based does not absolve any of us of a responsibility to communicate at a human level too

“A young surgical doctor clerks me in. He does not introduce himself by name, instead plumping for, ‘I’m one of the doctors’. A nurse comes to adminis(...)

Sandra Whelan, COO and David Whelan, CEO, Immersive VR Education. Photograph: Shane O’Neill, SON Photographic

The holding company for Waterford based start-up Immersive VR Education has begun trading on the London and Irish stock markets. Trading for shares (...)

Although some 700 Irish doctors graduate from the six medical schools in Ireland each year, the percentage of Irish doctors on the Medical Council register continues to fall. Photograph: Thinkstock
Funding our GP service

Improving the image of GPs and getting more lower-income students to study medicine are the solutions to the growing shortage of doctors, a leading UK(...)

For treatments to be successful, early stages preceding full onset of Alzheimer’s need to be targeted. Illustration: iStock

A blood test that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages, and can also predict how the disease will progress, has been developed by rese(...)

 Real medicine: Transition year students taking part in the My Health RCSI transition year programme. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

There isn’t a sound in the large auditorium as Prof Fergal Malone slits open a woman’s abdomen at the start of a Caesarean birth that is being filmed (...)

The work experience in TY is valuable for not only helping to shape career aspirations but also in giving youngsters a taste of the workplace. Photograph: iStock

It’s nearly 10 years since entrepreneur Bill Cullen made headlines by branding Transition Year as a “doss”. Yet that notion still lingers among some (...)

Sr Maura Lynch in the operating theatre in Uganda.

Victoria Coffey was 11 years old when her younger brother Alfred died. Her parents had already lost two children before Victoria’s birth and lost a ne(...)

Additive manufacturing, which is more commonly described as “3D printing,” has been hailed in some quarters as part of the “fourth industrial revolution

A Dublin-based research centre has announced a €4.3 million 3D printing laboratory that is to play a central role in helping to uncover new materials (...)

Andreas Heise: "We are very interested in technologies like 3D-printing, where you build up layers of materials to make a structure"

You are interested in making molecules that can deliver medicines into the body. What do you do? “We make polymers in our lab. Because we want to use (...)

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