The trouble with arguments that support the other side is the danger that they might change your mind

With the debate on the Eighth Amendment in top gear, I was thinking about the difficulties we have in hearing both sides of an argument and the man wh(...)

Get them out to vote: the first stage of the campaign will focus on asking people to visit the website and to add their names to the register. Photograph: Alan Betson

Advertising agency BBDO Dublin has won the account to promote voter turnout in the forthcoming referendum on the repeal of the Eighth Amendment. The (...)

A gallows and saloon in an old American western town.  Social media is  the wild west of electioneering

Social media is not bad in itself, just like the telephone or television or email isn’t in itself bad. But the way it has come to be used by some peop(...)

Every Irish citizen aged 18 or over is entitled to vote. It is vital to check the register now to ensure your voice will be heard.

The politicians have debated, the Citizens Assembly has had its discussions, the Oireachtas Committee has heard from various witnesses. Now, the decis(...)

Judge Isobel Kennedy, chair of the Referendum Commission.

Neither the Referendum Commission nor the Standards in Public Office Commission will have a role overseeing social media campaigning or advertising in(...)

Simon Harris: “There is a role for politicians and there is a role for doctors.”  Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

The Government has distanced itself from claims by Tánaiste Simon Coveney that women seeking a termination after nine weeks of pregnancy will have to (...)

Minister for Health Simon Harris said people had waited for three decades to have their say on abortion. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The Cabinet has agreed to hold a referendum asking voters to repeal the Eighth Amendment and “provision be made in law for the regulation of terminati(...)

Irish users of social media platforms are already being targeted with ads online. Some ads are clearly attributed to registered campaigns, but many are devoid of information about who is behind them. Photograph: PA

Ads on social media are an effective way for companies to find customers. Platforms know each user’s age, location, gender, interests, family status a(...)

A Referendum Commission will be established within a matter of days of the Bill’s introduction.   Photo: Sam Boal

The Government has taken the first significant legislative step in preparation for a referendum on the Eighth Amendment. At Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting(...)

Posters in Dublin during the 2002 abortion referendum campaign. File photograph: David Sleator

It is very odd that the Citizens’ Assembly discussion of referendums has been moved to this weekend, given that it will allegedly have no impact on th(...)

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