Four out of every five child car-seats prove to be wrongly fitted, RSA spokesman Brian Farrell says. Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

Seán Egan will “forever be 17 years and 11 months”, as his mother Helen told a Sligo court recently during a case against the driver of the car involv(...)

The Ariel Nomad relies on rear-wheel drive, chunky tyres, and low weight to keep itself mobile when the going gets slippery or sandy

Welcome to 2019. It’s going to be hell. If Brexit doesn’t get you, then some kind of Trumpist calamity doubtless will. Manage to avoid those, and hey!(...)

Rally School Ireland  founder David Smyth: “We want to create a practical learning environment, not just have us talking to you endlessly, but to have you doing it, seeing it, being part of it.”

The right hand edge of the roof has just passed through 45-degrees to the vertical, and is now rolling over and dipping towards the ground. The strap(...)

Subaru Levorg  has been introduced to Ireland as a result of customer demand – but just how well will it actually sell?

So, here is Subaru’s plan. At a time when 75 per cent of Irish car buyers are going for diesel engines, it’s going to launch an expensive new model (€(...)