18ct white gold and sapphire (2.52cts) diamond ring, Hegary’s of Bandon auction on June 14th (€2,500-€3,500)

While April normally signals the start of antique jewellery sales across the country, this year Covid-19 put an end to the majority of Irish jewellery(...)

Recruitment challenge: Maeve Hogan, chief executive of the Property Services Regulatory Authority

The impact of Brexit is a concern for more than a third of licensed property professionals across the Republic of Ireland – and for nearly half of tho(...)

The Property Services Regulatory Authority may impose major sanctions  on property agents who engage in improper conduct. To date it has done so on one occasion, in 2016, in a case involving McDonnell Properties of Ashford, Co Wicklow. File photograph: PA

The body which regulates auctioneers and other property agents has initiated just one prosecution for unlicensed trading since it was established six (...)