Interior designer Suzie McAdam will give a talk on ‘Reviving, redecorating and respecting period homes’.

Friday, April 21st 1pm:  “Reviving, redecorating and respecting period homes” with interior designer Suzie McAdam. McAdam, whose body of work in(...)

A deed map will be an integral part of the deed of conveyance

Q Many years ago I purchased an old townhouse and I have lived there since 1975. I am now at a stage that I cannot maintain it and I wish to sell it. (...)

A new survey from the Society of Chartered Surveyors claims that 70 per cent of property managers are seeing an annual increase in service charge arrears

Owners management companies (OMC) in apartment blocks and multiple unit schemes have been badly hit by the property downturn, and concern is growing t(...)

Extensive works to a pitched roof usually entail that the existing roof covering (which is usually slate, concrete tile, clay tile or even thatch) is nearing the end of its life span and requires wholesale replacement
Property Clinic

Q A hole in my pitched roof was causing leaks and damp patches inside the house. A roofer looked at it and advised (...)

Property Clinic

QI refer to the article in Property Clinic on July 11th, about soundproofing. I kept a copy of an earlier article on the same topic and it said the(...)