We could be so much more advanced in Stem research if we could overcome the archaic patriarchal legacies dominating so many fields of expertise. Photograph: Getty Images

Oxford linguistic philosopher J L Austin was invited to give a guest lecture at Columbia University in New York 25 years ago. Known for his expertise (...)

Kildinan Pre-school located on Miina Murphy’s family farm in Kildinan, Co Cork. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

It’s an old joke, with more than an element of truth, that a small child presented with some expensive toy finds longer-lasting pleasure playing with (...)

By second year,  females from middle-class professional backgrounds maintain interest in education while another group begins  actively disengaging from school work. Photograph: Getty Images

Children return to school today after the Christmas break and for many of those in third year the mock Junior Certificate exams are only weeks away. (...)

High achiever: Conor Gallagher of St Michael’s College, Ballsbridge, got nine A1s in the Leaving Certificate last year.  Photograph: Eric Luke

Annual feeder schools results published this week show how many students progressed from individual second-level schools to higher education. The gre(...)

‘Girls read more for enjoyment than boys, PISA surveys have found, and in particular, girls read more fiction, which is associated with high performance.’’ Photograph: Getty Images

Girls outperformed boys in 50 of 58 Leaving Cert papers across higher and ordinary level, according to a gender analysis of this year’s results. This (...)

The sudy found that students who play one-player video games between once a month and almost every day perform better in mathematics, reading, science and problem solving, on average, than students who play one-player games every day. Photograph: Getty Images

Playing occasional video games can help to boost students’ performance in maths and other test results, according to an international study published (...)

It is of great concern that children are losing interest in science and maths by the age of eight.This may be due to how science is taught at primary (...)

The ASTI annual convention at Whites Hotel, Wexford.

WinnersIrish schoolchildren: Ireland is Europe’s best-educated country, according to a study released by the EU statistical agency Eurostat in April. (...)

Parents can take much satisfaction from last week’s international comparisons of how 15 year-olds in 34 countries, including Ireland, are doing in the(...)