A masked worker checks pigs in a hog pen in Suining, Sichuan province, China. Photograph: EPA

A new flu virus found in Chinese pigs has become more infectious to humans and needs to be watched closely in case it becomes a potential “pandemic vi(...)

A file Nasa image released in  December 22017  shows an iceberg floating in Antarctica’s McMurdo Sound. Photograph: AFP

Antarctica’s annual ice losses have accelerated six-fold in the past 40 years in a trend that could push sea levels metres higher in coming centuries (...)

A major study of 1,400 male and female human brains has failed to find any evidence for “sexual dimorphism” - the official way to describe differences in size or appearance between the sexes, in addition to the sexual organs themselves. File photograph: Thinkstock

The male brain is bigger - so that means men are smarter, right? Aside from being a dangerous thing to say among women, it is also wrong (...)