The University of Portsmouth has   carried out a study comparing the reactions of children to a real therapy dog and a robotic therapy dog. Getty Images

Something very creepy happened to me last week. I had just been for a stunningly beautiful spring walk at a local forest park with Zara, one of my dog(...)

Two gymnasts practising in a gymnasium.

Right now, thousands of perfectly ordinary adults are in online forums airing concerns such as: “Is it necessary to apply the posterior pelvic tilt in(...)

A translation device might make things easier for people who lack intuition or young children who misinterpret signals “sometimes quite significantly”. Photograph: Getty Images

Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah, as Dr Doolittle once sang – what a neat achievement that would be. Well, Amazon has revealed that t(...)

Frank Golden came to be recognised as a worldwide authority on sea survival and was invited to lecture in a multitude of countries to naval, aviation, scientific and recreational groups.

Frank Golden, who has died aged 77, was a Cork-born doctor who became a leading international expert on marine safety and survival at sea.The sixth of(...)