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Juan Carlos Monedero,  third-in-command of Spanish anti-austerity party Podemos, during a press conference in Madrid. Mr Monedero described a controversy over payments he received from from the Venezuelan, Bolivian, Ecuadorian and Nicaraguan governments as a ‘government set up’. Photograph: Javier Soriano/AFP/Getty Images

Podemos, the new anti-austerity party that is leading Spanish polls, has hit back at accusations that one of its leaders engaged in tax fraud, stemmin(...)

Athenians wave Greek flags during a protest rally outside the Greek parliament building in Syntagma square, central Athens. Photograph: Simela Pantzartzi/EPA

The rise of Sinn Féin in opinion polls in Ireland and a similar surge of support for Podemos in Spain is “the best help” that can be given to the n(...)

Anti-austerity protestors in Madrid, Spain. Thousands marched in the Spanish capital in support of the Podemos party. Photograph:  Sergio Perez/Reuters

Tens of thousands marched in Madrid today in the biggest show of support yet for anti-austerity party Podemos, whose surging popularity and policies h(...)

Supporters in Athens hear Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Syriza party speak at a pre-election rally ahead of this weekend’s general election in Greece. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The man widely tipped to become Greece’s next prime minister and the EU’s first openly anti-austerity head of government has told voters that they are(...)

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