Two anti-abortion activists behind the filming of videos on foetal tissue procurement by Planned Parenthood have been indicted by a Texas grand jury that the women’s health group of any wrongdoing. Photograph: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A grand jury in the United States that was investigating accusations of misconduct against Planned Parenthood has instead indicted two abortion oppone(...)

Mourners attend a candlelight vigil for Garrett Swasey, a  police officer killed in the Planned Parenthood shooting. Photograph: Nick Cote/The New York Times

The attack at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic that killed a police officer and two other people suggests that both sides of the abortion d(...)

Anti-abortion campaigners protesting in Dublin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

As she spears another bite of salad, Dr Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, says: “I’d say a lot of people wan(...)