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General Hussein Yazdanpanah points to the area where he and his troops were ambushed by Islamic State in 2014. Photograph: Lorraine Mallinder

Gen Hussein Yazdanpanah is sipping tea in a leafy shelter atop the arid, pine-dotted hills of Iraqi Kurdistan, gesturing southwards to Kirkuk province(...)

Namo, the barber at Mr Erbil’s club for young gents. Photograph: Lorraine Mallinder

In the heart of Erbil, capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Rawa Ali and Ahmed Nauzad are discussing good grooming and gentlemanly deportment. The capp(...)

Naveen Rasho (25): was enslaved by Islamic State for five years and then detained by Kurdish forces along with her captor’s wives. Photograph: Lorraine Mallinder

As a captive of the Islamic State terror group, Naveen Rasho endured nearly five years of hell. She was in Baghuz, Syria, when the caliphate fell, and(...)

Brig Gen Bahram Yassin: the commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces on the Bashiq front line, east of Mosul, says he expects Mosul to be cleared of Isis before the end of the year. Photograph: Ruaidhrí Giblin

In the battle against Islamic State, Kurdish Peshmerga forces are manning first World War- style trenches on an arc almost surrounding Mosul, the terr(...)