Pedestrians in the Pinheiros neighbourhood of São Paulo, Brazil. Photograph: Victor Moriyama/The New York Times

By late March, the Mexican government calmly predicted that its coronavirus outbreak would peak in April. A few weeks later, it changed its prediction(...)

Gravediggers at Sierras de Paz cemetery in Managua, Nicaragua, on Saturday, May 30th. Nicaragua is one of the last to reject the strict measures introduced globally to curb the spread of the coronavirus and families say they are paying the price. Photograph: Inti Ocon/The New York Times

Just hours after Yamil Acevedo died in a hospital, funeral home workers in hazardous materials suits strapped his coffin to the back of a pick-up truc(...)

A man wearing a protective mask with a Brazilian flag carries supplies to boats at Manaus port on May 19th, 2020. Photograph: Andre Coelho/Getty Images.

Brazil’s daily death toll from the new coronavirus jumped to a record 1,179 on Tuesday as US President Donald Trump said he is considering a travel ba(...)