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European economic and monetary affairs commissioner Olli Rehn said yesterday that euro zone countries must focus on reforming their labor and services markets and can slow the pace of debt-cutting. Confidence in the euro zone grew more than expected in May. Photograph: Francois Lenoir/Reuters

Confidence in the euro zone economy grew by more than expected in May, with hope that the worst of the crisis may be over spreading to countries that (...)

Spanish riot police charge firefighters during a protest against austerity measures in front of the  Catalonian parliament in Barcelona yesterday. Photograph: Paco Serinelli/AP

  The European Commission unveiled its much-anticipated economic recommendations for member states yesterday, warning of the continuing(...)

Ireland ranks 18th overall in this 2012 study of 45 countries, behind most EU states with the exception of Hungary, Greece and Poland.

Ireland differs in terms of its childcare provision with other developed states in many ways but in one particular way it stands out – for its low (...)

Apple’s plant in  in Hollyhill, Cork. “US companies spend over €13 billion in the Irish economy and contribute over 70 per cent of all corporation tax paid to the exchequer.” Photograph: Reuters/Michael MacSweeney

Since the middle of 2012 there has been a consistent flow of stories in international media that has focused on the global tax structures of certain m(...)

Photograph: Jon Boyes/Photographer’s Choice/Getty

Lee Hadnum, a former tax specialist with Ernst and Young, author of The World’s Best Tax Havens: How to Cut Your Taxes to Zero and Safeguard Your Fina(...)

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development expects global economic growth to accelerate in 2014 with both the US and Japan continuing t(...)

UK campaigners say retailers who stock magazines with near-naked images on their covers could face legal action.  Photograph: Dave Thompson/PA

Lighten up, ladies. That’s been the default reaction to any claim of misogyny since the suffragettes first chained themselves to the railings of Downi(...)

Sweden’s open door

Responses to the riots that flared in Swedish cities last week had a dreary predictability. Conservatives blamed Sweden’s model of social protection a(...)

This new tax might be fair, but it won’t contribute much to the State’s coffers

Ireland was for long an outlier in the rich world in that it did not extract from its citizens an annual tax on the value of their homes. Our unusual (...)

Suicide is back in the news again. Since the death of Donal Walsh, who made an impassioned plea for young people to choose life not death, there has b(...)

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