Turn right out of Norwich railway station, take the number 12 bus, change at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, ride eight stops on the number f(...)

British singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham. File photograph: Karim Jaafar/AFP

Victoria Beckham has an office in her Cotswolds house, where she spent lockdown, but when she answers the phone, that’s not where she is. “Um, no, Har(...)

Every year in the UK about 1,000 people are injured by Christmas trees, usually while fixing stars, lights or other decorations to the higher branches. Photograph: iStock

In a hotel lobby, one chap says to another, “My rook to queen’s bishop was inspired.” His chum replies, “Surpassed only by my Sicilian defence.” Yes, (...)

Surgeons inserting a stent, at the Cardiac Cath Lab in St James’ Hospital, Dublin. Photo: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

New research has found that inserting stents in all narrowed arteries of heart attack patients, rather than the current practice of only treating bloc(...)