BCAAs are popular with fitness enthusiasts, especially weight trainers and bodybuilders, because they are widely claimed to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Photograph: iStock

In 2012, the British Medical Journal Open published the findings of a team, led by Dr Carl Heneghan of Oxford University, assessing the evidence suppo(...)

Runner Catherina McKiernan is a fan of  breakfast before a tough session. Photograph: Eric Luke

Although breakfast is a likely source of pre-exercise nutrition in the morning, it’s often omitted by young females, says Rachel Veasey of Northu(...)

Racist graffiti daubed on the door of a house in the Orangefield area of Co Armagh. Photograph: PSNI Armagh/PA Wire

“Asylum seekers are selling drugs to kids and raping our women,” a middle-aged man in northern England, his face contorted with rage, told me last wee(...)

Cavalry soldiers reenacting the  American civil war Battle of 2nd Manassas at Cedar Creek Battlefield in Virginia: historians have called on the Goverment to remember the ‘forgotten Irish’ who fought in the war. Photograph: Thinkstock

A group of historians have called on the Government to mark the 150th anniversary of the ending of the American civil war, in which thousands of Ir(...)

‘Just paying for housework isn’t going to rebalance human lives’

There is an emerging consensus from economists across the political spectrum that the current model of capitalism is broken. What is less clear is (...)

Typically developing children and children with autism equally averted their gaze while thinking about a response. Photograph: Kenny Louie/Wikimedia Commons

Children with autism might be missing “crucial” non-verbal gestures because they typically look away more than others when listening to parents and te(...)

Prof Donncha O’Connell, NUIG School of Law; Larry Donnelly, NUIG lecturer and president of Irish Clinical Legal Education Association; and Kevin Kerrigan, Faculty of Business and Law at Northumbria University. Photo: Aengus McMahon

A group of academics from universities, institutes of technology, private colleges and professional law schools gathered recently at a confere(...)