Nigel Dodds said the advice of the British attorney general Geoffrey Cox QC “vindicates the DUP opposition to the backstop” and was “devastating for the prime minister”. Photograph:  AFP/Getty Images

DUP MPs continue to line up against the British prime minister notwithstanding the party’s assertion that the confidence and supply agreement to prop (...)

Nearly 400,000 tyres were burned in recycling facilities in Northern Ireland between 2009 and 2015. Photograph: iStock

The Stormont administration in Northern Ireland is struggling to deal with millions of tonnes of illegally dumped waste, thousands of incidents of fly(...)

Detail Data has examined the newly released 2015 HIV surveillance data for the UK produced by Public Health England.

New statistics show 934 people are now known to be living with HIV in Northern Ireland – the highest number ever on record. A total of 81 men and 2(...)

Investigative news website The Detail found 47 police chases were terminated at the border between 2011 and 2015. Photograph: Getty Images

The rules preventing police from continuing pursuits across the Border have ended chases after suspects on more than 40 occasions in the last five yea(...)

A total of 7,697 suicides were registered in Northern Ireland from the beginning of 1970 to the end of 2015. Photograph: Getty Images

A total of 318 suicides were registered in Northern Ireland last year, the highest annual death toll since records began in 1970. The figures mean an(...)

A man strolls past a mural depicting a paramilitary fighter in the Shankill Road in Belfast. File photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Newly compiled figures reveal the scale of ongoing paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland, with 1,100 bombings and shootings over the last decade, (...)

Mount Panther site in Clough, Co Down: the 18th-century site is among the heritage buildings most at risk over  Northern Ireland funding cuts.

Almost 500 historic buildings across Northern Ireland are deemed to be at risk, with fears the number could rise after the removal of restoration fund(...)

There were  77 incidents of domestic abuse reported every day in the last year –  three every hour.

Sixty-seven people across Northern Ireland were killed by their partner, ex-partner or a family member, according to police records covering the last (...)

The most depressing aspect of the high number of road deaths in Ireland, north and south, is that so many were needless tragedies, and some could easi(...)

2014 was a particularly bad year on the roads in Northern Ireland with 79 people losing their lives.

This is a data blog guest post by Kathryn Torney, from the Detail: 2014 was a particularly bad year on the roads in Northern Ireland with 79 people lo(...)

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