They’re back: Shoppers in the Dundrum Town Centre on its first day of reopening after the Covid-19 lockdown. Photograph: Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin

While foreign multinationals make a valuable contribution, the success of the Irish economy “now depends very heavily on the progress of domestic busi(...)

Leprechaun ridicule over GDP: yet the data which generated the 26 per cent had been compiled correctly and was in line with international standards even if it did make Ireland look like the Cayman Islands on speed

In the heat of July’s incendiary revision to gross domestic product (GDP) – the one that lifted us from fast-growing EU economy to the stuff of leprec(...)

While the latest CSO data shows a massive surplus for 2015 of over 10 per cent of GDP, the reality is that we may have actually spent more abroad than we really earned. Photograph: Reuters

The growing complexity of the operations of multinational companies headquartered in Ireland has made the national accounts increasingly opaque in rec(...)