Mousetail Fern. Illustration: Michael Vinety

Crouched beneath the windows on the seaward side of the house, our old greenhouse has sad holes in its roof. The big one is where a storm tossed a hea(...)

 Sika like to tear the bark from  young conifers. Illustration: Michael Viney

“Seizing the opportunity, the Stalker steadied his rifle . . . He set the double trigger, fixed the ’scope on the target area and gently squeezed. Fas(...)

Viney drawing for September 28 - wasp on windfall apple. Illustration: Michael Viney

“Wasps!” A friend visiting from Cork city was quite sure what I should write about next. Her one word rang with feeling. Cork, with southern warmth, (...)

Lot 274: Set of Irish elk antlers (€8,000-€12,000).

Mullen’s of Laurel Park forthcoming auction on April 1st will feature more than 650 lots which include a wide selection of period furniture. Of intere(...)

 What makes the stonewort “starry” are white clusters of tiny bulbils studding its stems like star-shaped earrings. Picture: Michael Viney

At the end of a summer free of fierce winds or peaty floods, the waters of the Shannon’s great Lough Derg are at their clearest, though still tawny en(...)