Eamonn Boland, Marie Bourke, Barry Lunn, Valerie Somers and Denver Humphrey of Arralis: the radar and wireless communications specialist raised €50 million in funding last year. Photograph: Conor McCabe Photography

More than half of Irish product-focused technology firms that obtained funding in 2017 were established during the last five years, new figures show. (...)

Many of the impressive female-founded firms born of late have blossomed on the back of increased funding and scaling support from organisations such as Enterprise Ireland.

First, the good news. As research covered elsewhere in our business section reveals, the number of female-founded technology start-ups in Ireland is o(...)

Few women working at VC firms are in investment decision-making positions, according to a new survey

Venture capital is not for the faint-hearted. And according to a new study, it seems not for women or racial minorities either. The VC sector has lon(...)