Students starting college for the first time this September have been warned of the dangers which may be found in their new homes. File photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Students starting college for the first time this September have been warned of the dangers which may be found in their new homes, and are urged to ma(...)

Tara Devon and her two children Ryan (6) and Kian (3) at their home in Ashbourne in January 2017. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

When Tara Devon’s husband Colm was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he asked his wife to “do whatever it takes” to have the pyrite in their home in As(...)

Detail of cracking caused by pyrite in a house in Finglas. File photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Owners of properties affected by pyrite are concerned that a new system for classifying the problem could make it more difficult for them to secure fi(...)

 Severe  cracking  cause by pyrite: Only the worst affected homeowners can qualify for the Government’s remediation scheme, according to the Pyrite Equality Group. Photograph: Frank Miller

Campaign group has expressed a lack of confidence in the Government’s scheme to help property owners whose homes have been affected by pyrite. Pyri(...)

Cracking in a house due to pyrite:  new standards award points based on the severity of damage, rather than just the presence of damage. Photograph: Frank Miller

Hundreds of families living in estates damaged by pyrite in the foundations of houses say a new testing regime will curb their access to the State co(...)

Maurice Buckley is due to take up his new post before the end of the year as chairman of the Office of Public Works

The Office of Public Works has hired a high profile chairman in Maurice Buckley, currently chief executive of the National Standards Authority of Irel(...)

Pictured receiving new NSAI certificates are Una Clifford from Science Foundation Ireland, Stephen Duffy, Activ8 Energies and Susan McGarry, Ecocem Ireland Limited

Companies that use recognised certification standards such as the ISO 5000, typically see a 20 per cent jump in revenues a new report has found. The (...)

The NSAI stressed that a wrongly-calibrated meter does not necessarily mean people were deliberately trying to overcharge customers. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / The Irish Times

Over one in five weighing scales in shops provided inaccurate weights last year while a third of taxi metres were also found to be flawed according to(...)