The NSPCC said there were an average of 23 contacts to Childline each week about child sexual abuse in the home. Photograph: iStock

There were 2,082 recorded sex offences against children under 18 years of age in Northern Ireland last year, up 37 per cent in the past five years, ac(...)

Ian Elliott, safeguarding consultant and first chief executive of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland.

The man who created child protection structures for the Catholic Church in Ireland would not do so again because of the resistance he encountered from(...)

Kieran Creaven arriving at Leeds Crown Court  on Friday. Photograph: Peter Powell/PA Wire

Jailed sex offender Kieran Creaven is likely to face trial in Ireland when he has served the 18-month term imposed on him in the UK on Friday. Last N(...)

The 18 people who have been found guilty following the police’s Operation Shelter into child sexual exploitation in Newcastle. Photograph: Northumbia Police/PA Wire

A chief constable has defended his decision to pay a convicted child rapist almost £10,000 (€11,000) to spy on parties where it was suspected underage(...)

The most recent data shows there were 1,969 children on the child protection register in Northern Ireland. Image: iStock

The number of cases of child cruelty and neglect reported in Northern Ireland has almost trebled over the past five years, prompting a charity to call(...)

Eddie McEntee, who says he  was abused in foster care in Kildare in the 1940s. He is applying to mother and baby inquiry to have fostered children in  the 1930s and 1940s and up to 1952 to be included in the terms of reference of mother and baby inquiry. Photograph:  Joanne O’Brien

A call has been made for the terms of the forthcoming inquiry into mother and baby homes to be extended to include people who were in foster care over(...)

The trend for online blackmail to cause children to harm themselves is small, but its growth is worrying experts who investigate child sexual exploitation.

Children as young as eight are being blackmailed into performing sexual acts on webcams by abusers in increasing numbers, research by the UK’s Chil(...)