High Court president Mr Justice Peter Kelly said he was “completely open-minded” about suggestions for changes to the ward of court system. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The president of the High Court, Mr Justice Peter Kelly, has warned against the “exaggeration” of deficits in the ward of court system, under which or(...)

 National safeguarding committee chairperson Patricia Rickard Clarke said financial abuse can be highly calculated, or can be very subtle. Photograph: Eric Luke

More than 1,600 cases of financial abuse of vulnerable adults have been reported to the Health Service Executive’s national safeguarding office over a(...)

An absence of laws and clear protocols to protect the interests of older people and respond to their needs have been amongst the greatest failures of (...)

Vulnerable adults include people living with dementia, mental health problems, physical disability or intellectual disability. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Almost 8,000 cases of adults suffering suspected abuse or neglect were reported to the Health Service Executive (HSE) last year, new figures show. It(...)

A survey which found that half of the State’s vulnerable adults have been abused or seen somebody close to them abused is deeply shocking. The Red C s(...)

The National Safeguarding Committee is publishing poll findings that reveal that one in two adults has experienced abuse of a vulnerable adult

A State body established to protect vulnerable adults received more than 7,500 reports of abuse last year, its first full year of operation. Soon-t(...)