The skylark is among the species that has been attracted to Feargal Ó Cuinneagáin’s meadows of richly mixed native herbs and wild flower. Drawing by Michael Viney

On first encounter a generation ago, it seemed such gawky jargon, the coinage of science journals, that I winced at using it here in ordinary, affable(...)

Roseate tern numbers improved thanks to a project that saw the Rockabill Island colony grow from 152 pairs in 1989 to 1,603 pairs in 2017. Photograph: Brian Burke

While frosty mornings are currently being shunned by some, birders nationwide are embracing the outdoors. Their reason? To help to paint a picture of (...)

Rare moss at the Allihies mine in west Cork. Illustration: Michael Viney

To go back to basics . . . A “habitat” is where particular plants and animals live and reproduce most successfully. Its size and character depend on (...)

 Scoter sea ducks. Illustration: Michael Viney

The far lake behind the shore is “David’s lake”, cradled between the sandy machair and a land cliff dark with ivy. After a long life in ornithology,(...)

‘We, as a department, have never certified dogs to be exported from Ireland to Pakistan and we haven’t certified dogs to be exported to China since 2016 nor will we,’ says Minister Michael Creed. Photograph: Ray McManus

Irish officials plan to meet their British counterparts over the issue of Irish greyhounds being exported via the UK to third countries, the Minister (...)

Handout photo courtesy of Minister for Culture Josepha Madigan of a blaze that destroyed bogland and woodland habitats in Killarney National Park in Co Kerry. Photograph: Josepha Madigan/PA Wire

Hundreds of acres of forest were burned and young wildlife incinerated in a major fire on Torc Mountain in Killarney National Park. Fire crews battle(...)

The newest choice of botanicals for gin is the seaweeds of the shore, such as the traditional Irish dillisk, carrigeen and sloke. Illustration: Michael Viney

The prostrate juniper bush outside my bedroom window sprawls wide and low, its piney, spicy fronds the wren’s favourite hunting ground for little spid(...)

Illustration: Michael Viney

Across the mountain, the wilder road to Galway twists through the bogs of Doo Lough Pass, skims the shores of two dark lakes and swerves through the o(...)

The estimated 13 million rabbits in Ireland cost the economy some €55 million annually. Illustration: Michael Viney

The global flow of wild species, often following humans around, takes thousands of plants, animals and insects far from their homes and natural contro(...)

Ilustration: Michael Viney

In the season of moulds, mildews and fungi, spare some dread for an organism, a protist, that shares its biology with potato blight and grapevine dise(...)

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