Handout photo courtesy of Minister for Culture Josepha Madigan of a blaze that destroyed bogland and woodland habitats in Killarney National Park in Co Kerry. Photograph: Josepha Madigan/PA Wire

Hundreds of acres of forest were burned and young wildlife incinerated in a major fire on Torc Mountain in Killarney National Park. Fire crews battle(...)

The newest choice of botanicals for gin is the seaweeds of the shore, such as the traditional Irish dillisk, carrigeen and sloke. Illustration: Michael Viney

The prostrate juniper bush outside my bedroom window sprawls wide and low, its piney, spicy fronds the wren’s favourite hunting ground for little spid(...)

Illustration: Michael Viney

Across the mountain, the wilder road to Galway twists through the bogs of Doo Lough Pass, skims the shores of two dark lakes and swerves through the o(...)

The estimated 13 million rabbits in Ireland cost the economy some €55 million annually. Illustration: Michael Viney

The global flow of wild species, often following humans around, takes thousands of plants, animals and insects far from their homes and natural contro(...)

Ilustration: Michael Viney

In the season of moulds, mildews and fungi, spare some dread for an organism, a protist, that shares its biology with potato blight and grapevine dise(...)

DesignPro Renewablees has received EU Horizon 2020 funding for its project that aims to generate  energy from river and estuary flows  to a commercial scale

A Limerick company which secured EU funding for renewable energy research and development has cancelled plans to test its device on the Shannon estuar(...)

Weeping beech: We found a drift of self-sown beech seedlings, a few inches high, and pocketed one for the garden. Illustration: Michael Viney

The summer storm swept past in a hectic swirl of branches and I looked out at dawn to a polytunnel plastered with torn, wet leaves. But even on this b(...)

A hoverfly at tomato flowers: drawing by Michael  Viney

For me, summer will be confirmed when I am stopped in my tracks by a glint in the air a step or two ahead of me: a spark of pure sunlight with just a (...)

The angel shark has faced quite different threats to leave it ‘critically endangered’. Drawing: Michael Viney

There are many strange-shaped sharks in the world, but a big fish native to big sandy bays on Ireland’s west coast is among the least shark-like of al(...)

The deep coral zones designated far offshore were closed to bottom-trawling by the Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Commission. Illustration: Michael Viney

About 235km west of my workroom window, give or take a few Atlantic swells and bobbing plastic bottles, the continental shelf off Mayo slopes into the(...)

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