People  queue on chairs in the street as they wait to cast their votes  in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Photograph: Ben Curtis/AP

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party won the most seats in Ethiopia’s parliamentary election, the election board said on Saturday, a victory t(...)

Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed greets children  ahead of a final campaign rally in the town of Jimma in the southwestern Oromia region of Ethiopia. Photograph: AP Photo/Mulugeta Ayene

The last time Berhanu Nega ran for office, in 2005, he performed so well that he ended up in jail. The then ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary De(...)

Members of a military band arrive at Ethiopian  prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s  compound in  in Addis Ababa on Tuesday. Photograph: Eduardo SoterasS/AFP via Getty Images

Gashaw Koye, a 42-year-old farmer from Amhara dressed in crisp new battle fatigues, met his wife from the neighbouring region of Tigray more than two (...)