Theya Healthcare CEO Ciara Donlon: 'Retailers have been taking a lot of interest in us after the NHS took us on. It has opened a huge number of doors for us.' Photograph: Dave Meehan

It’s the stuff of nightmares. You’re busy building a successful brand only for the company name to become associated with a hardline militant organisa(...)

Just some of the condoms and lubes produced by Karex

There can’t be that many people whose business card is a condom wrapper, but MK Goh is no ordinary entrepreneur. Goh, the chief executive of Karex, t(...)

Big data: why are projects involving sensitive data so poorly thought through?

Along with financial records and accounts, personal health and medical information comprise the most sensitive, exploitable data associated with an in(...)

Cpl chief executive Anne Heraty said the move would bring “immediate strategic value” for the company.

Dublin-based jobs agency Cpl Resources has announced a takeover of RIG Healthcare Group in the UK for £8.1 million (€9.3 million). The company has ac(...)

A screenshot shows a WannaCry ransomware demand.

One week ago a global cyberattack dubbed “unprecedented” by Europol began infecting an estimated 200,000 of the world’s computers, starting a seven-da(...)

A programmer shows a sample of a ransomware cyberattack on a laptop. Photograph: EPA

Cybersecurity experts have warned businesses to beware of potential ransomware attacks when logging onto their computers on Monday morning and not to (...)

According to the 2017 Verizon Databreach Investigations Report (DBIR), the number of ransomware attacks grew by 50 per cent from 2015 to 2016. Photograph: Ritchie B Tongo/EPA

Friday May 12th, 2017, may become a landmark date in the world of cybersecurity. A major wave of cyberattacks known as ransomware infected thousands o(...)

Boris Johnson has insisted he stands by his claim that the UK sends £350 million a week to the European Union that could otherwise be spent on the NHS. Photograph: Reuters.

Boris Johnson has insisted he stands by his controversial claim during the Brexit referendum that the UK sends £350 million a week to the European Un(...)

SiverCloud Health founder and chief executive Ken Cahill

SilverCloud Health, an Irish technology firm that provides online therapy and wellness programmes, has raised $8.1 million (€7.57 million) in a Series(...)

Over the coming months more than 80,000 students will attempt to navigate through a maze of subject choices, college advertising and parental expectat(...)

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